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Advancing the manufacturing community by banding together with Marc Braun & Jonathan Jones

The Manufacturing Executive is a growth strategy podcast for manufacturing leaders, hosted by Gorilla 76 thinker & founder Joe Sullivan. The podcast recently hosted Marc Braun, executive coach at MDB, chairman for the AME, former president of Cambridge Air Solutions, author, and volunteer and Jonathan Jones, AME consortium facilitator, CEO Peer Advisory Board Leader, executive coach, author and community leader. In this episode, they discuss:

  • Building relationships between companies and sharing best practices

  • How transparency encourages employee pride and engagement

  • Creating the right culture to develop leaders

  • Growth is not a riskless adventure

  • Accelerating the speed of innovation


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10:00 – CE & Culture Overview – Adam Baer

10:10 – Three Employee Driven Initiatives

11:10 – Break

11:15 – Shop Tour (Optional)

The Power of Employee Engagement

Commercial Electronics - Hybrid Tour - Participate in-person or virtually

Go behind the scenes with AME St. Louis Consortium for a unique opportunity to meet the people accelerating continuous improvement and innovation at Commercial Electronics. A hybrid tour of three employee driven initiatives awaits you. Highlights will include multiple 2 second lean improvements, planning and building of a new assembly line to accommodate growth and a redesigned shipping and receiving department. After each segment, a panelist-style Q&A session will be held in which front line staff will answer questions and offer insight. Get together with the CE team to celebrate their victories and experience the power of an engaged work force.


Commercial Electronics (CE) is a leading provider of electronics repairs, accessories and equipment. CE is a factory authorized provider of repair services and new equipment for HME, specializing in communication equipment for quick service restaurants. CE provides nationwide repair services and accessories for all brands of QSR equipment, technical support, 24-hour turnaround on repairs and accessories, and offers regional (greater St. Louis area) installation and other field services.


June Learning Session

June 14, 2022
10:00-11:00 a.m.

Join the St. Louis Consortium and Cole Drussa (Cambridge Air Solutions) to dive into the Updated & Improved Lean Sensei. The updated Sensei includes a host of new tools to accelerate your journey to excellence including resources, books, training courses & more!

Cole will provide an overview of how to utilize the lean sensei as a benchmarking tool to assess continuous improvement efforts in your organization. He will also give an overview and share some of the new features in the upgraded app.


  • Better recognize excellence and areas for improvement in your organization

  • Use the excellence criteria and/or the AME Lean Sensei® self-assessment instrument

  • Ask good questions when doing an assessment

  • Be more confident in your assessment capabilities

Share this invite team members and coworkers who will find value in learning more about benchmarking and assessing.



We are excited to have you as part of the AME St. Louis Consortium and look forward to the opportunity to share, learn and grow with your organization.