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Advancing the Manufacturing Community by Banding Together with Marc Braun & Jonathan Jones

The Manufacturing Executive is a growth strategy podcast for manufacturing leaders, hosted by Gorilla 76 thinker & founder Joe Sullivan. The podcast recently hosted Marc Braun, executive coach at MDB, chairman for the AME, former president of Cambridge Air Solutions, author, and volunteer and Jonathan Jones, AME consortium facilitator, CEO Peer Advisory Board Leader, executive coach, author and community leader. In this episode, they discuss:

  • Building relationships between companies and sharing best practices

  • How transparency encourages employee pride and engagement

  • Creating the right culture to develop leaders

  • Growth is not a riskless adventure

  • Accelerating the speed of innovation


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Cosmos Hybrid Plant Tour

September 27, 2022

9:00-10:30 a.m.

Complimentary for St. Louis Consortium Members - No discount code needed

Gaining Momentum on the CI Journey

Join Cosmos Corporation as they mark a year of their CI Journey. Team members will share their transformation experience, insight and lessons learned during this hybrid plant tour.

Highlights include:

  • Gemba Walks - "War Walks"

  • Problem solving / Scrum on a manufacturing line

  • Implementation of continuous improvement awareness and education

  • Shop floor standard work

Host Company:

Cosmos Corporation is a recognized leader in natural health, wellness, and care products. From its beginning in 1980, it has been family-owned and operated in the Midwest, headquartered today in Saint Peters, Missouri. Founded by a barber turned beauty products distributor, its legacy in human haircare has since expanded to address consumer needs in personal care, pet health and wellness products, and household cleaning solutions under the Texture Theory™, TropiClean®, Naturél Promise®, and Urine Off® brands.

Cosmos was established with a mission to provide for the poor around the globe. Since the beginning, it has supported its founder’s call to meet essential needs like food, shelter, and education for underserved communities. From its humble roots, Cosmos has grown into a global manufacturer with the capacity to make an even greater impact by giving back to programs that serve those in need abroad and closer to home.



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