How long should my tour be?

Average virtual tours are about 2 to 2.5 hours. In-person tours typically last longer and are approximately 3-4 hours.

What's the best way to make my camera recording smooth when walking around?

Putting your camera on a rolling cart will stabilize it while moving around.

How do I control background noise when recording out the in plant?

Noise cancelling headphones work well for reducing noise and allowing you to hear while doing a live tour.

How long should the introduction and company history last?

Ideally about 10 minutes. People want to hear about CI Initiatives.

Who controls the Zoom call, breakout rooms and switching?

The AME Facilitator and Admin will handle all of the Zoom technicalities. Note only one person can control the breakout rooms, the host.

I want to split the participants up into multiple breakout sessions. What is the easiest way to do this?

The AME Facilitator and Admin can pre-assign breakout rooms in Zoom prior to your event, which will simplify the process during your live tour.

What options are there to keep my tour participants actively engaged?

Configure several poll questions and enter them into Zoom ahead of time to keep your tour interactive.

How do I ensure all of the participants questions get answered?

Assigning pre-selected room moderator(s) and have questions placed in the chat instead of asking live will allow the moderator to keep track of questions, select the most relevant questions and smoothly move from one question to the next.

How many presenters should I have?

Three to five presenters is the average.

What's the best way to get feedback on my event?

Create a feedback survey prior to the event. Good options are Google forms, MS forms or Survey Monkey. Verbal cue before the tour starts that you are looking for feedback on _____. You will be providing a survey link at the end of the tour or another option is to provide the survey link at the beginning of the tour so participants can have it open during the tour to provide feedback while the tour is happening. Paste the link to your survey in the chat and you can also then email out the survey at the tour completion.

I want to record my tour with breakout sessions. What is the best way to do this in Zoom?

Remember in Zoom, you are always recording in the main room. If you split your group into multiple breakout rooms for different portions of your tour, be sure to leave a group in the main room, then your recording will show all portions of your tour.

How can I share the link to my tour recording?

Log into Zoom and on the left sidebar menu click on recordings. Click on your recording to cut anything from the beginning or end of the video if you need to. Click on the copy shareable link button. Paste into an email.

How long will my recording be in Zoom?

The recording will typically stay in Zoom for about a month depending on storage limits on the account. You will want to download your video soon after recording if you want to keep it forever. In zoom menu on the left, click on recordings and choose the recording you want to download. Hit the Download button and save either to your hard drive or if you want to be able to continue to share with others, save to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., so you can obtain a sharing link for future sharing.

Where do I download the latest version of Zoom?

You can visit the Zoom download center to view which version you are on and links to download the newest desktop client and mobile app.

If you are attempting to see which version of Zoom is on your desktop, you need open Zoom on your desktop (not in a web browser) to view your version. If you click on your picture in the upper right corner of Zoom there is an option there to check for updates. This will allow you to upgrade to the latest version as well.

I have more Zoom questions...

Visit the Zoom Help Center to find answers to all of your Zoom questions., video tutorials, support topics and more!

Zoom Help Center

How do I save the chat log?

Prior to your tour, go to Zoom account and in left menu choose Settings and in the meeting settings (InMeeting basic) turn on auto saving chats. This will automatically save all of the chat in the main room. You can also hit the three dots in the chat box at the end of your tour and hit save chat.

Of note: This only saves the main room chat. If you had breakout sessions and want to capture that chat, you will need a moderator in the room to save the chat by hitting the 3 dots in the chat box prior to them leaving their breakout room and coming back to the main room.

  • Only the host can control breakout rooms

  • Turn off the waiting room to avoid having to admit each person into the tour

  • If you want time at beginning of tour for host preparation, turn on waiting room and only admit hosting individuals into Zoom prior to tour starting

  • Have everyone involved with hosting the tour rename themselves with their company name first, so you can easily find them in the Zoom participant panel.

  • Have all tour participants rename themselves with their name first and then their company name

  • Make everyone involved with hosting the tour a co-host in Zoom

  • Dual monitors are a big advantage if you are the Zoom host

  • Use the popout feature on Zoom Participants, Chat and Breakout rooms and move the windows to another screen

  • Allow a cohost to share the start up slide and/or presentation, so the host can utilize their screens for navigating participants, chat and breakout rooms

  • Consider allowing participants to choose their own breakout rooms, depending on the type of tour you are having

  • Ensure all room moderators and cohosts know how to use Zoom

  • Ensure all staff have the latest version of Zoom downloaded to their device

  • Do a practice run of the tour with all staff that will be involved with the tour a few days before to work out any bugs

  • Have participants put their Q&A in the chat and allow room moderators to ask the questions

  • Consider providing an image of your facility layout so participants can get a feel for where you are at your location